Fall River Chamber of Commerce

Robert Mellion, President 

(508) 837-0561 RMellion@fallriverchamber.com



The mission of the Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to be the primary business and community information source for its members and the public; to provide networking opportunities for its members; and serve as an advocate, on behalf of its members, at the local, state and federal government levels. Areas of focus include:


“EdUp” Education and Workforce Campaign The Chamber’s Education Committee focuses on developing and implementing a branding and long term media outreach campaign aimed at raising community aspirations regarding educational attainment. It is also working to design and facilitate education information within a resource focused social media platform that will be easily accessible and used by the community at large. The Chamber Foundation serves as a funding instrument for financing and sustaining this multi-year effort.


Reducing Business Tax Rate Chamber advocated for a reduction in the commercial tax rate in Fall River from 1.75 to 1.69%. Worked to establish a $10,000 commercial personal property tax exemption for small business.


Transportation Chamber involved in redesign of Interstate195/Route 79 interchange system along the waterfront. The old ‘spaghetti ramp’ system separating businesses from the waterfront being replaced with a boulevard.


New Ferry Service and Marketing The Chamber worked to bring high speed ferry service from Fall River to Block Island. In 2014, great effort will be placed on marketing city’s assets to attract and retain businesses.