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Top 10 in Fall River

TOP TEN reasons to visit Fall River on your next vacation or business trip:


10.  Go swimming or sailing in a salt water bay that is actually warm (summer only)…


  9.  Go skiing nearby: Blue Hills, the Berkshires, New Hampshire, Vermont (winter only)…


  8.   Visit Horseneck Beach (year round)…


  7.   Visit Boston, Newport, Providence, New Bedford, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard…


  6.   Attend longest running 4th of July parade in America (Bristol, Rhode Island)…


  5.   Watch the fabulous sunsets over Mount Hope Bay…


  4.   Visit the Battleship Massachusetts, Joseph P. Kennedy and the Fall River waterfront…


  3.   Catch the best bands of the 60s, 70s, 80s at Narrows Center for the Arts…


  2.   Spend time with family, old friends and former classmates…


  1.   Enjoy a Chow Mein sandwich, lobster roll or clam cakes with a coffee milk…



Well Known Fall River Alumni


  • Emeril Legasse, celebrity chef and Food Channel star

  • George Stephanpolous, Good Morning America, former Clinton Chief of Staff

  • Richard Rosenberg, former Pres. and CEO, Bank of America

  • William K. Reilly, former EPA Adminstrator

  • Morton Dean, former anchor, CBS Evening News

  • Ernie Moniz, current US Secretary of Energy

  • Drew Furtado, Fall River poster artist


Top Ten Movies/Videos/Featuring Fall River


10. Below the Hill (1963)


Filmed entirely on location in Fall River in 1963, BELOW THE HILL portrays with gritty honesty the emotional and economic facts of life. It is a story which shows us, in the words of its writer/director, Angus Bailey, the 'decency, dignity and valor of ordinary people in distress’. It stars members of the New England Community Theatre group from Fall River. Alfred (Ray Bernier) is an immigrant from Quebec who has worked in the textile factory since he was 16. When one of two factories in town closes, he and his wife and child are left without an income. He borrows a friend's car so he can return to the place where he experienced his happy childhood.


9. Lizzie Borden Took an Ax  (Movie with Christina Ricci)


8. Fall River Legend, 1999 (Dance Theatre of Harlem) Features the ballet "Fall River Legend." Approx. 50 minutes, choreographed by Agnes DeMille; VHS.


7. The Legend of Lizzie Borden, 1975 (Movie with Elizabeth Montgomery)


6. News story of rape at Big Dan’s in New Bedford (trial took place in Fall River)


5. The Accused, 1988 (Movie with Jody Foster)


4. Hernandez murder trail


3. Lizzie Borden – The Opera

Opera composed by Jack Beeson, performed by the New York City Opera. Complete libretto in English. 


2. What are your nominees for this category.


1. What are your nominees for this category.


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